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Stream: Boxed Wine EP

New Jersey quartet Boxed Wine sounds like a band that knows how to have a good time. The group released their debut, self-titled EP back in January. The five-track release places a spotlight on Boxed Wine’s energetic, danceable brand of indie pop. Memorable hooks, snare-heavy rhythms, bright vocals and unadulterated joy are the themes at hand. The EP is a suitable soundtrack for a Friday night of debauchery or a summer day party.

As made clear in previous posts, I’m a fan of groups that don’t take themselves too seriously. Sure, we all love musicians that treat their craft as art.  But too much angst-ridden, shoegaze music can be a drain. When you’re in the mood for the lighter, more frivolous side of indie rock, reach for some Boxed Wine. Slap the bag. Don’t look back. Stream and download Boxed Wine EP below.

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P.S. The last band that I lauded for their frivolity wound up shilling their songs for Taco Bell and Free Credit Report (See: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) Here’s hoping that Boxed Wine doesn’t take their fun to that extreme.

Written by Rob Peoni