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Vintage Track: Hoi’ Polloi “Satisfaction Guaranteed”


On August 6, Family Vineyard will reissue the lone LP from Richmond, IN’s Hoi’ Polloi. It’s the debut release from Family Vineyard’s reissue imprint, Folk Evaluation. The album was recorded by some Earlham College students over spring break in 1972. This month, Family Vineyard shared the first single from the LP. Listen to “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and watch a trailer on the release below. If this appetizer is any indication, the limited edition wax (edition of 500) is worthy of a pre-order. The reissue is chocked full of bonus materials: Original xerox insert. Extensive liner notes featuring Patrick ‘The Lama’ Lundborg’s 2003 conversation with the band (expanded with newly conducted interviews), a digital download of the album featuring the original stereo mix of “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and a wealth of bonus material from the band members’ vaults, including rare cuts from Earlham’s annual student-produced “Crucible” LPs and a collection of never-before-heard live recordings.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Ka “Our Father”


Hip hop is becoming a genre that almost demands at least a one-project-per-year pace just to stay relevant.  For an artist like Ka, who wrote, rapped, produced, and shot his own videos for each tightly woven track on his 2012 sophomore album Grief Pedigree, it’s hard to imagine he would be able to repeat himself just over a year later.  While one song is a small sample size, his intricate, streetwise wordplay and hypnotic, minimalist production are both better than ever on “Our Father,” the first single/video from his recently announced follow up album The Night’s Gambit.  Here’s hoping he can stay this prolific for a few years, but even if he can’t, I’ll be willing to wait for any music he feels like releasing.  Pick up The Night’s Gambit on when it drops on July 13, and grab Grief Pedigree now if you have been sleeping.

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Written by John Bugbee


Fresh Track: Billy Woods “Tinseltown”


Thought on Tracks favorite billy woods hasn’t made much noise in 2013, but that’s all about to change.  Fresh off releasing my album of the year from 2012 History Will Absolve Me, woods is set to release a follow-up album July 2nd, entitled Dour Candy and fully produced by Blockhead (just like Illogic’s recently reviewed album Capture The Sun).  If the first single “Tinseltown” is any indication, Dour Candy should be one of the best hip hop albums of 2013, just like History Will Absolve Me was the year before.  As an Indiana resident, I could especially appreciate billy’s wordplay in this outstanding section:

“That’s why conventional wisdom don’t do nothing for me/ Marvin Harrison passed the iron to Dungy/ The quiet ones be the shooters/ He who dares wins and down here we the losers/ They robbed that white boy, cuz this ain’t Hoosiers/”

Not only does he have a clever line about Colts legend Marvin Harrison’s run-in with the law, but then he goes on to drop a Hoosiers reference the very next line.  My favorite rapper dropping back to back Indiana references, it doesn’t get much better than that.  Check out “Tinseltown” below and pick up the limited edition colored vinyl for Dour Candy due to drop in July over at Backwoodz Studioz.

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Written by John Bugbee