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Fresh Track: Tumbleweed Wanderers “If Love’s Not Enough / Bring it on Home to Me”

If you can’t get down with this post, we probably couldn’t be friends. That’s not to say that we couldn’t hang out.  Perhaps even develop a genuine amicability, agree on much and get along swimmingly. But I wouldn’t want to lean on you, mumble lipped and saggy eyed at 2:45 in the morning. I couldn’t have my arm around you as the barkeep cut the dimmer for the first time since dusk, and the sloppiness of the remaining drunks is placed in the spotlight.

Tumbleweed Wanderers are no strangers to Thought on Tracks. Most recently we featured a video for their song “Quiver in My Bones,” which you can download for free as part of The Library Sessions EP that the band dropped this week via Bandcamp. Below you can stream their track “If Love’s Not Enough.” As the song fades out, Tumbleweed Wanderers launches into a cover of Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on Home to Me” that sounds destined for the type of late-night debauchery detailed above. Enjoy.

Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Tumbleweed Wanderers “Quiver in My Bones”

A while back, we featured the Bay Area’s Tumbleweed Wanderer’s in a Band to Watch post. Their track “Take it Back” from their debut, self-titled EP was immediately relatable and addictive. I thought I had listened to enough new grass bands to last a lifetime in college, but these guys were just too much fun to pass up. Great vocals, solid guitar play and downright danceable tunes. The boys from the Bay are back with more terrific material, albeit in a less foot-stomping fashion than their initial single. The latest bit of goodness comes in the form of a video for the song “Quiver in My Bones” featured below.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: Tumbleweed Wanderers

I recently came across Oakland, CA’s Tumbleweed Wanderers at the urging of a friend. The band formed in March and has quickly developed a loyal following in the Bay area. They released the first single, “Take it Back,” from their debut, self-titled EP back in September. The track is a genre-blending blast of a song that features an addictive recurring guitar riff, gratuitous horn and harp lines and pitch perfect harmonies that meld together into one helluva promising start. Listen here:

The remainder of the Tumbleweed Wanderers EP is due out sometime this week. The good folks at S*ALT recently recorded the quartet’s cover of The Tallest Man on Earth’s “I Won’t Be Found.” The band does justice to the track by my favorite Swedish singer-songwriter. Watch below:

Written by Rob Peoni

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