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Fresh Track: White Fence “Pink Gorilla”

white-fence-pink-gorillaBy any measure, 2012 was a busy year for Tim Presley. The front man of Los Angeles rock outfit White Fence, collaborated with the prolific Ty Segall on critically acclaimed garage rock release Hair. Presley launched a label: Birth Records, in large part to release the debut LP from Bay Area singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt. Miraculously, White Fence also found time to release their underrated LP Family Perfume Vol. 1 in May of last year. With all that work in the recent rearview, it seems impossible that Presley and White Fence are set to release a follow-up, Cyclops Reap, on Castle Face Records on April 9. Listen to the debut single “Pink Gorilla” and check out the full track listing for the Cyclops Reap below.

Track Listing

1. Chairs In The Dark
2. Beat
3. Pink Gorilla
4. Trouble Is Trouble Never Seen
5. Live On Genevieve
6. To The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley
7. New Edinburgh
8. Make Them Dinner At Our Shoes
9. White Cat
10. Only Man Alive
11. Run By The Same

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Written by Rob Peoni