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Fresh Track: Frankie Rose “Know Me”

Frankie Rose is at it again.  The Outs are gone.  As a former founding member of Vivian Girls along with stints as a drummer/vocalist in prominent Brooklyn garage rock bands Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, Frankie has never been shy about trying new ways of making music.  Her most recent project began in 2009 as Frankie joined forces backing band The Outs to release the first single under Frankie’s name as Frankie and The Outs before a full length LP in 2010.  So while we probably shouldn’t be all that surprised to hear she is now recording and releasing records under her own name, what you may be a bit surprised to hear is the style of her newest single.

The first released single from her solo album Interstellar is entitled “Know Me”, and it is not your average Vivian Girls/Frankie and The Outs garage rock girl-pop single.  Instead, it pays homage to 1980’s new wave/shoegaze pop, and I must say that personally, this is my favorite Frankie Rose track to date.  Perhaps most impressive is the prominence of Frankie’s voice in this new style.   Not only does it stand out and shine with a confidence not heard on previous records, it grabs a hold of you and leads you with emotion through a dream-like atmosphere of sound.

Know Me, Don’t Know Me

I Hear What They Said

It Doesn’t Own Me, I’d Rather Be Dead

Know Me, Don’t Know Me

I Know

Frankie has undeniably been honing her artistry at each various stop in her musical journey.  Hopefully she’s ready to show us all exactly what her own personal sound is, because I can’t wait to listen.

Interstellar is out 2-21-12.

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Written by Greg Dahman


Fresh Track: Bear Cavalry “Roman Summer”

In November, UK-band Bear Cavalry released their debut Maple Trails EP. The release is chocked full of danceable, intricate rhythms on guitars and percussion. For me, the band feels like the red-headed stepchild of Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys. The upbeat Afro-Caribbean rhythms paired with punk-infused vocals creates a sound that is unique, albeit ethnically confused. Stream “Roman Summer” below. This track is guaranteed to get your feet shuffling.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Fresh Track: Conveyor “Mukraker”

I’m a big fan of layered sounds. The best music is often like the best meals: simple, quality ingredients are paired with a few essential flavors to allow the food’s most redeeming qualities to shine. This is the type of recipe that Brooklyn band Conveyor serves up on a regular basis. They dropped their latest single “Mukraker” this week. The band reminds me of Portland’s Typhoon, with a little more minimalism. It takes skill to break a song down to its core and then rebuild with only the most important pieces. Too often bands wind up masking that essential melody beneath sounds that distract rather than support. Stream “Mukraker” below, and keep your eyes peeled for their full length debut later this year.

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Written by Rob Peoni