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Fresh Track: Twerps “Work it Out”

Australia’s Twerps fantastic self-titled debut from late 2011 remains one of the most underrated works of the past few years.  After touring all summer with fellow guitar-centric indie rockers Real Estate, the band made a quick trip back to the studio with the results hitting your local record store’s shelves later this month on November 19th.  The 7” release features A-side “Work It Out” along with B-siders “He’s In Stock” and “Recall”.  Those summer days spent lounging around with the kings of the jangly guitar, Real Estate, seem to have rubbed off even more on the Aussies as “Work It Out” is a poppy, guitar-driven treat.  While the lyrics aren’t exactly based on the happiest of subject matters, the drum beat and guitar are more than enough good vibes for an afternoon cruise.  You can check it out below along with “He’s In Stock”.  If you like what you hear, you can pre-order your copy via Passport Label today.

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Written by Greg Dahman


Fresh Track: The Cactus Channel “Budokan”

Last month, I featured The Orwells – a group of high school kids from the Chicago burbs, hell-bent on reminding us what rock n’ roll is all about. To kick off September, I would like to introduce another set of teenage misfits with a vintage sound: Melbourne’s The Cactus Channel. The 10-piece funk orchestra released its debut LP Haptics on August 3 via HopeStreet Recordings. The album features a funky, big brass sound that is reminiscent of a bygone era. The word “timeless” reverberates throughout each track of this debut release. Listen to “Budokan” below, a song that relies more heavily on the rhythm and guitars than the swing-centered brass sound that dominates rest of the release. Grab your copy of Haptics on CD or vinyl.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Fresh Track: Manor “Afghan Hound”

I’ve never experienced love at first sight with a woman, but I do with music all the time.  Perhaps that’s because no matter how aesthetically pleasing another looks at one particular moment, there’s just so much more to a person than appearance.  But when you first hear a song, it is what it is.  Granted, a band can be terrible live and ruin your thoughts about them, but that doesn’t take away from that song and the first time you heard it.  It is what it is then, and that’s what it will always be in your memory.  An even more bizarre to this conundrum is that the song that catches your ear may be the only one.

That last part doesn’t apply to the subject of this post at all.  Manor, a Melbourne band composed of Nathanial Morse and Caitlin Duff, obviously know how to make a jam.  Their first single, “Rhodesia“, was released late last year and is a pretty great pop song.  With some jangled guitars and a relaxed vibe, it’s a looker but not really drop dead. Now their newest single “Afghan Hound”?  This is a looker.  From the first drum kick, to the guitar intro followed by the keys, synths, and ultimately Caitlin’s stellar voice, this song has that spark.  That “it” factor.  It’s deep, dark, and full of emotion.  The chorus belts out with Caitlin’s voice a somewhat romantic, somewhat haunting vocal, “It’s alright. It’s alright.  Don’t be scared, dear sweet child.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m not going anywhere tonight.”

You can get lost in this song’s the beauty, and that’s precisely why I love it.  It’s layered with a depth that becomes increasingly apparent upon repeated listens.  The more spins I give it, the more I’m digging it, and that more I want it.  Jump into the deep end with me?

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Written by Greg Dahman

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