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Concert Review: LKB, Bonesetters & She Does Is Magic at White Rabbit Cabaret

Saturday night at the White Rabbit Cabaret was all about growth.  Laura K. Balke, She Does Is Magic, and The Bonesetters all have advanced their talents, which is a great sign for any musician. After chatting with members from each group I am convinced that they all have the opportunity to gain fans outside of our Indianapolis scene.  Smart, talented, and kind are a few words that come to mind when describing the bands that provided me entertainment on Saturday evening.

Each of the three performers is an entrepreneur at heart. By marketing themselves and continuing to create a terrific product, they all show signs of thinking like an owner.  My hope is that this kind of dedication and determination will continue to be recognized as more people come to their shows and buy their music. These musicians provide an excellent representation for our Indianapolis scene.

Laura K. Balke opened the night with her electric guitar and soothing songs.  Balke was comfortable on stage and confident as she spoke to the crowd. In between songs LKB told the crowd “This is the most attentive crowd that I have ever played for.”  While this was a compliment for those it attendance, it should be more of a highlight to the captivating sound she offered to visitors.  Song, “Two Ships” (not “Two Shits” as she joked) was the highlight for me.  Rich song writing allowed my mind to sail and get caught in the moment. After the show, I purchased her latest album, Rumors & Legends on vinyl. A true artist in every sense of the word, the hard-cover release displays prints of Balke’s hand-drawn artwork accompanying each track.  Check out Record Geeks review of this pressing.

She Does is Magic provided a solid first impression for me as this was my first time seeing them live.  Band member, Mark Walker described their songs as “fun music” and I completely agree.  They are an extremely easy band to not only approach, but also become a fan of.  I am excited to watch this band grow as they plan to release their debut full-length sometime later this year.

Blog favorite, The Bonesetters closed the night out with their strongest performance to date.  Their timing was perfect and stage presence was improved.  The song writing and delivery of front man, Dan Snodgrass initially drew me to this band.  During this performance I was drawn to the talent of drummer, Cody Davis.  Exceptional fills and impeccable timing has helped build out the Bonesetters brand for me.  The Bonesetters are true rock and roll and local readers of the blog should fill up venues any time they are on the bill.

Here is the set list from The Bonesetters:




Golden Youth

Mama Prays



You are Shaun Gannon




Mushroom Clouds


Waltz #2 (XO) (Elliot Smith Cover)

As I strolled out of the White Rabbit Cabaret on Saturday night I felt a sense of pride for talking about these bands in the depth that we do here.  There needs to be more types of these events on a more consistent basis.  Take advantage of the talent that Indianapolis offers.  It does not disappoint.

Written by Brett McGrath


Concert Preview: White Rabbit Cabaret Hosts Naptown Grand Slam

Saturday presents an unbelievable opportunity for members of the Indianapolis scene to gather and show your appreciation for three terrific local acts.  White Rabbit Cabaret will provide the space and I am asking for local readers to get off the couch, DVR SNL, and get out to Fountain Square to show your support for local music.  The heart of the matter for us is that this blog continues to run because of local music.  Sure, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from covering bands that are buzzing the blogosphere and we truly enjoy that.  However, it is just not the same as writing up a neighborhood project.  I find the feeling similar to cheering for your hometown sports team.  It represents a certain sense of belonging.  Pride emerges from this organic feeling and support is displayed.  Indy residents have an opportunity to support and foster the growth of a blooming scene.  Let’s start to promote our community and take pride in the local bands that wear the Indianapolis independent hometown tag proudly.

The Bonesetters, She Does Is Magic, and Laura K. Balke are three talented acts that allow me to shout from the top of Monument Circle when discussing the evolving scene here in Indianapolis.  Even casual readers of this blog would recognize these names because we do not shut up about them.  Any time these artists release something, we promote it.  We do so without hesitating, because they are good.  Those familiar with their collective discography can expect to hear some new songs.  These acts have done an unbelievable job of posting their updates through social media. In many cases, I feel like I am being fed little pieces of a project that will eventually transform into an entire body of work.   The engagement that these bands have offered to us through many platforms should be noted and now it is our time as fans to give a little back.

I will continue to attend their shows and write about their music because they fill a chunk of what I represent.  I anticipate big moments from each of these Hoosier musicians in the future.  All three have the ability to make a Butler Bulldogs type run.  You can get a sneak preview of Saturday night by attending their free in-store at Indy CD & Vinyl before the show.  Come caravan with the Thought on Tracks team on Saturday and make sure you bring a friend…and tell them to bring a friend. No one will leave disappointed. Cover is $5.

Laura K. Balke “Turn the Key”

The Bonesetters “Mushroom Clouds Aloft”

She Does Is Magic “East Coast and Upaways”

Written by Brett McGrath


Video: Laura K. Balke “Not For This”

Last week, local singer-songwriter Laura K. Balke dropped the official video for “Not For This,” a track from her album Rumors & Legends, released last fall. The video, that features Balke shedding long locks for a buzz cut, was directed by Xack Gibson of Bag Fry Productions. LKB recently returned from Snowbird Tour with fellow singer-songwriter John Davey. The tour sent the duo to Florida and back in a 16-day stint filled with everything from small clubs to impromptu house performances. Balke’s next show is scheduled for February 16 at The Melody Inn. Watch the video below.

Connect with Laura K. Balke via Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Written by Rob Peoni