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Vintage Track: Hoi’ Polloi “Satisfaction Guaranteed”


On August 6, Family Vineyard will reissue the lone LP from Richmond, IN’s Hoi’ Polloi. It’s the debut release from Family Vineyard’s reissue imprint, Folk Evaluation. The album was recorded by some Earlham College students over spring break in 1972. This month, Family Vineyard shared the first single from the LP. Listen to “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and watch a trailer on the release below. If this appetizer is any indication, the limited edition wax (edition of 500) is worthy of a pre-order. The reissue is chocked full of bonus materials: Original xerox insert. Extensive liner notes featuring Patrick ‘The Lama’ Lundborg’s 2003 conversation with the band (expanded with newly conducted interviews), a digital download of the album featuring the original stereo mix of “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and a wealth of bonus material from the band members’ vaults, including rare cuts from Earlham’s annual student-produced “Crucible” LPs and a collection of never-before-heard live recordings.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Fresh Track + Video: Charlie Patton’s War “Say Ya Mine”

Few books, a lot of beer and mostly basketball make up the DNA of Indiana University. While the core grows stronger as we enter March Madness, Bloomington can also be known for a musical project inebriated with the blues.  Charlie Patton’s War is a Bloomington based band that was formed in 2010 when all members met at the Jacob’s School of Music.  The band released Live at Russian Recording earlier this year, which highlights their dedication to the doldrums. Hoosier hopes are high not only for hoops, but for Charlie Patton’s War as we enter March.  Watch the video for “Say Ya Mine” recorded and filmed in the basement of The Hideaway. Grab a free download of Live at Russian Recording via Bandcamp.

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Written by Brett McGrath


Fresh Track: Learner Dancer “Fortune Teller”

Learner Dancer is unconventional and their sound is a bit scary.  They lean on a strong psychedelic slant and honor tones so dark that they brighten a black out. Learner Dancer offers an assortment of sound exploding in a number of directions, but is able to harness it with a certain ominous control.  They are an Indianapolis band that relaxes with reverb. Song, “Fortune Teller” projects wide riffs and drowning vocals. This track is the ideal introduction to an Indianapolis band that embraces honors their Hoosier hysteria.  This madness will be on display this Friday, as Learner Dancer will support Everything, Now! at Radio Radio.  The cost is free so make sure you spend all your money at the bar.  Enter the psychosis and accept the frightening fuzz next Friday.

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Written by Brett McGrath