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Youth Lagoon Visits Daytrotter

Mondays can be wicked. As we stroll into the office for the outset of the proverbial grind, the burden is made easier by a pleasant soundtrack. Fortunately, the good folks at Daytrotter are serving up a welcome dose of Trevor Powers to start the work week. Powers and his band Youth Lagoon are no strangers to this blog. Check out Brett’s review of his 2011 album, The Year of Hibernation. The Daytrotter session is dreamier than Youth Lagoon’s most recent LP, with Powers’ voice often accompanied solely by piano. Check out a track listing for Youth Lagoon’s Daytrotter session below. Tickets for Youth Lagoon’s April 2nd show at Radio Radio are available for $12 via MOKB Presents.

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“Ghost To Me”

Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: The Lumineers

An artificial layer continues to spread through the musical landscape that encompasses my listening experience.  The rise of the low budget DIY approach in the independent music scene has paved acres of innovation, while embracing alternate forms of musical communication. The number of musicians that use drum machines and synthesizers to substitute band members mounts. As the electronic influence rises and machines slowly chip away at the human element of music, it grows more difficult to dig up a project that roots itself deep in the dirt of traditional Americana sound.  While I appreciate the new direction of independent music, I find myself trying to break the earth for its missing authenticity. Luckily for me, I have cracked my shovel on a dependable band whose roots are deep in the stratum sound.

The Lumineers hail from Denver, CO and have shown that they treat tradition with a specific respect. Their songs ring with an authentic emotion that sends chills down my neck with each play. This band embraces the feeling of vulnerability as their songs are stripped to let the voice of Wesley Shultz shine through their surface. A sense of honesty lures me in, as it feel like I am being let in on a secret with each line.  Track, “Ho Hey” highlights their return to the rustic while promoting the rich vocals of Shultz.  This song resonates because it perfectly pairs sound with lyrics. Shultz pleads, “I belong with you, you belong with me, my sweetheart,” displaying his confident honesty.  This track hangs on an acoustic guitar, tambourine, and back up vocals.  While stripped and simple, Shultz’s powerful vocals create a mountain of sound. After each listen of “Ho Hey” I reflect on not only the elevation of this song, but also the future of The Lumineers.

The Lumineers will release their first full length LP on April 3.  If you like what you have heard and need to continue your Lumineers fix make sure to check out their Daytrotter session.

Live in Indianapolis:

When: Friday – May 25, 2012

Where: Radio Radio

Tickets: $10-12 via MOKB Presents (On sale beginning March 30th)

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Written by Brett McGrath


Carl Broemel Daytrotter Session

The good folks at Daytrotter dropped a session from Indianapolis native and My Morning Jacket lead guitarist Carl Broemel today. The session features four tracks from Broemel’s 2010 solo release All Birds Say.

Broemel’s solo material is a distinct departure from his work with MMJ, trading raucous rock n’ roll for restrained minimalism. All of this is on display in the Daytrotter session. The recording showcases Broemel’s delicate singing style and his talent for creating atmosphere with layered guitar riffs. Download the session HERE. If you like what you hear, stop by Broemel’s site to purchase All Birds Say.

Written by Rob Peoni

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