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July 6, 2012

Band to Watch: Young Magic

by @thoughtontracks

Good luck putting a label on New York City’s Young Magic.  Singer and producer Isaac Emmanuel began the project during his never-ending voyage of sorts from his Australia across the globe and back again. Emmanuel made a multitude of recordings using whatever instruments presented themselves along the way, crafting a patchwork quilt of sound. In Mexico, he met soon to be band mate Michael Italia, who had been participating in his own global one-man-band approach.  After the two finished their trips they decided to reconnect in NYC where they roped in Indonesian vocalist Melati Malay to create Young Magic.  After listening to their debut release Melt, it is evident that their influence is pulled from a melting pot of sounds.

Young Magic is for those that embrace echoed vocals mixed with native rhythms.  Opening track, “Sparkly” features African style drumming that immediately introduces new listeners to their hybrid sound.   On the surface this project comes off as highly experimental, but it is backed by a strong foundation of soul.  The textures thicken as a psychedelic, electronic vibe fills out most of their tracks.  Locals can absorb the myriad of sounds live and in person as Young Magic is playing in Bloomington on July 26 at the Bishop along with Thought on Tracks favorites Quilt.  Cincinnati readers can catch both acts at MOTR Pub on July 27. Until then, listen and watch the video for “Sparkly” below and pick up on the indigenous vibes.

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Written by Brett McGrath

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