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June 25, 2012

Fresh Track + Video: Something in Spanish “For Slowing Down”

by @thoughtontracks

It’s that time of the year when clothes are a nuisance. It’s hot in the streets. We haven’t seen rain in weeks in the Midwest. In the daylight, everything takes on this sun burnt, brownish hue. It’s like central California in the dry season, only flat and no coast for miles. But the evenings are long and pleasant. By the time the sun finally falls, the clock has moved well beyond all good intentions. It’s at these moments where lapses in judgment often occur. In my experience, at moments of weak will, it’s best to have a soundtrack at hand.

I present Brooklyn trio Something in Spanish and their pulsating, synth-infused single “For Slowing Down”. This track was designed for summer nights, complete with a video montage that captures 80s Miami in all of its glorious excess. “For Slowing Down” packs enough of a bass line for the dance floor, and lead singer Michelle Perez carries a melody that begs for repeated plays. Download the .mp3 and watch the video below.

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Written by Rob Peoni

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