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June 25, 2012

Fresh Track: Odd Hours “Electric Soul”

by @thoughtontracks

What can we say about Mondays? [Insert lame description of the everyman office space, marked by sagging eyes, deficient attention spans and general malaise.] By the afternoon, our eyes begin to  wander to the room’s corners for what could be just a few seconds or tens of minutes, before a quick shudder snaps things back into focus. In this brief moment of clarity we realize that the better part of the last hour was spent retracing “The Fabulous Belding Boys” episode of Saved by the Bell. A quick glance at the time brings the harsh truth that much of the day’s business remains.

Enter Detroit’s Odd Hours with a bit of foot-stomping motivation. The band recently dropped “Electric Soul”, the lead single from their debut EP Solar Plexus Power of Babooshka. The album release party will be held this Saturday at The Old Miami. “Electric Soul” features the power pop sensibilities of The Black Keys latest release El Camino, with lead singer Natasha Beste providing an addictive chorus line that may serve as the pep that your step has so desperately needed.

Connect with Odd Hours via Facebook

Free Download of 3 demos via Bandcamp

Written by Rob Peoni

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