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May 20, 2012


Outside Thoughts: 1

by @thoughtontracks

This is the first of what I plan to make a weekly wrap-up post. We are a small, albeit passionate blog. As such, we cannot possibly cover all of the artists that strike our fancy. Nor would it prove healthy to attempt to do so.  I will use this weekly post as an opportunity to share quality content from other blogs and musical sources. The posts will typically be features, in-depth interviews, etc. In other words, you likely will not find any “New Hot Song” posts here.

There will be no rhyme or reason regarding genre or order of the selection.  Just hoping to pass along some of the more interesting articles that I read each week. My mother always told me to share with my friends. With that in mind, check out the links below.


Link: Interview: Richard Lloyd on CBGB, Pringles

Author: Kelsey Simpson

Source: NUVO

Description: Humorous interview with Television guitarist Richard Lloyd. The strummer speaks on the definition of “punk” and his role in one of the genre’s most influential bands. Catch him this Friday at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis. Highly recommended start to race weekend.


Link: Changes at WLFY

Author: Zach & Hank

Source: We Listen For You

Description: WLFY might be my favorite music blog. This week, the authors announced that they will be changing the blog’s format. As a duo, WLFY has decided that they are finished “playing the blog game.”  Beginning Monday, they will only publish one post per day, in the hope that quality trumps quantity. I am thrilled to see where this shift in focus takes these cats.


Link: CoSign: Conveyor

Author: Harley Brown

Source: Consequence of Sound

Description: An interview/preview of Brooklyn’s Conveyor, surrounding the release of their debut, self-titled LP.  Interesting look at a band worthy of your attention.


Link: Underscore: The Quiet Storm

Author: Eric Harvey

Source: Pitchfork

Description: An in-depth look at Smokey Robinson’s underrated 1975 album The Quiet Storm. The writer attempts to assess The Quiet Storm‘s position in the pantheon of all-time great R&B and Soul albums. The piece offers insight into the state of popular African-American music in the middle of the 1970s.


Link: Weird and Wild: Chicago Bulls Hat “Step by Step on a Weeping Floor”

Author: Jon Rogers

Source: Musical Family Tree

Description: MFT has begun a new series of posts entitled “Weird and Wild.”  The first installment takes a look at the “experimental, digitally manipulated soundscapes” of Chicago Bulls Hat. This Indiana-based electronic duo offers up some auditory food for thought at an alarming pace.


Link: Scratch the Surface :: KISS, Alive!

Author: M. Garner

Source: Aquarium Drunkard

Description: I’m a big fan of this semi-regular installment on Aqua Drunkard. “Scratch the Surface” examines the influence that album art has on the listening experience. KISS has always been a band that is as interesting to watch as hear. Their 1975 album Alive! is no exception. Don’t miss the comment section beneath the post, where AD reader Nelson offers up an interesting rock n’ roll factoid.


Link: [Abby’s Road] The Happiest Melancholia

Author: Abby Ross

Source: Knox Road

Description: A short think-piece on the use of music as self-medication.

Curated by Rob Peoni

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  1. May 20 2012

    Really like the concept – thanks for sharing the links!


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