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May 8, 2012


Band to Watch: Haim

by @thoughtontracks

Since I began contributing to Thought on Tracks, I have not been scared to wear my musical tastes on my sleeve.   It is no surprise that I have a knee trembling weakness for all things that might brush up against 90’s female R&B as an influence.  Songs like Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away” and Zhane’s “Hey Mr. DJ” still remain relevant to me as I creep into the adult years of my life.   The infectious flavor of female 90’s R&B has got me caught up in discovering current artists that pull from this era of music that I adore.  R&B legends like TLC and Aaliyah were able to change my perspective on what good Pop music should sound like as my musical tastes took shape.  Their albums are timeless and still get a reaction when played at gatherings with others that grew up with it.  As I continue to play the b-sides of Crazy.Sexy.Cool. on the regular, I search to find groups that share in my fierce female fondness of the 90’s.

My weekly scour comes to an abrupt end this week as I stumble across L.A. sister trio Haim. The family group consists of early indie pop divas Alana (19), Danielle (22), and Este (24) Haim.  This sisterhood of indie soul provides bloggers with an easy sell to their readers.  On paper it looks like the total package: good storyline, good looks, and terrific sound. The fact that they list TLC, En Vogue, Brandy, and Monica as their influencers has got me hanging on tightly.

This family project evolved from early Billy Joel covers into great indie pop with a touch of R&B.  Alana Haim summed up their sound in an interview with Vogue Magazine by saying “I think we still have the structure of old-school rock, but the R&B adds the spice.”  For me, the R&B influence comes off as a larger ingredient then described.  Track, “Forever” is able to produce that catchy enthusiasm that sounds like it could have been introduced by Bill Bellamy sitting regular on the MTV Jamz rotation.

Haim’s debut EP, Forever is a mere three songs, but enough to get the listener interested from the beginning.  If you still have a soft part in your heart for 90s R&B then head on over to their site where you can download their EP for free.

Connect with Haim via Facebook | Twitter

Written by Brett McGrath

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  1. May 24 2012

    I want the lyrics for Forever!!!!! I love that song!!!


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