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April 17, 2012

Fresh Track: The Walkmen “Heaven”

by @thoughtontracks

There is something to be said for consistency.  As any music fan will tell you, there are no guarantees when it comes to bands.  For the majority of the indie world, the first album is always the highlight.  Years of work playing in front of small crowds at shitty bars leads to a triumphant album that is more of a culmination than the beginning.  The “Sophomore Slump” is a common phrase that tends to follow up this spectacular first album.  Simply, it’s much harder to keep the goods coming.

However, the truly great acts can deliver, and do repeatedly.  The Walkmen need no introduction, because, well… they are one of the best.  Whether you first heard them on The O.C. rocking out with “Little House of Savages” in 2004 (oh yes, I did just go there) or with their last masterpiece Lisbon, it’s almost impossible to listen and not be a fan.  And the best part about The Walkmen?  Like a fine wine, they just keep getting better.  “Heaven”, the lead single and title-track from their forthcoming album was dropped yesterday.  And sure enough, it’s absolutely great.  Scope the track below and pre-order your copy of Heaven from Fat Possum.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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