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April 5, 2012


Album Review: Twerps ‘Self-titled’

by @thoughtontracks

Aside from the radical, retro column ‘In the Dust’ by Ben, the team at Thought on Tracks tends to focus on the brand new.  We all make an effort to share our thoughts on what we think our readers should be listening to.  I am passionate about introducing new music to the readers of this blog. However, I have come to the conclusion that there should be no expiration date on when an album can be reviewed.  If I am listening to it and I think it rules, then I will now be sharing it, regardless of its release date.   I pull back six months to share the self-titled release from Twerps.

If Real Estate makes your knees buckle, then Twerps is for you. This Melbourne product breeds a laid back vibe built on smooth, melodic guitar patterns. This album offers a sense of comfort and it improves with each play. This record is one that should have received more attention last year and I am on a grass roots campaign to put it in your rotation.  With Anthony Davis like growing spurts, this record is a standalone winner.   It is hard for me to put many bands in the same family as Real Estate, but I am doing it here so please take note.

The beginning of this record is crisp.  Acoustic rhythm backed by electric fills.  Lead singer, Marty Frawley’s vocals pop through the surface on “Dreamin.”  This track was my introduction to the Twerps and remains my favorite.  This track controls my mood with each play.  I find myself getting lost in the lead fills, constantly discovering new sounds within their patterns. I wish every song that I listened to had this type of power.

Follow up track “Don’t Be Surprised” should be noted for its strong change of pace from verse to chorus.  A mellow acoustic guitar and slow vocals introduce this track and it appears that the mood will peak at placid.  The chorus screams, “Don’t be the one to call my name I don’t want to hear you calling my name” and now we have entered Stephen Malkmus world with the quick switch up.  A mild-mannered track in a bit of a musical masquerade is the best way to describe this song.  Just in case you are keeping track at home I have mentioned both Real Estate and Stephen Malkmus in this write up.  Do I have your attention?

Towards the end of the record you get a bare bones offering of Twerps with the song “Bring Me Down.”  Frawley displays a Willie Nelson type delivery with his words. Julia MacFarlane (backup vocals / bass) makes me melt during the chorus.  A different, dynamic side of Twerps is seen with this track.  This song might be simple and stripped, but helps to complete a captivating debut.

If you missed out on Twerps last year, then there is no better time to let their album introduce itself to you. The band offers melodic, lo-fi, Aussie, indie pop that inspires deep thought. This record caused me to slow down, take a step back and reflect.  A half of a year is not so long after all. Twerps are currently on tour in the US with Real Estate. Check out their full tour schedule HERE.

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Written by Brett McGrath

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