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March 28, 2012

Fresh Track: Holy Esque “Rose”

by @thoughtontracks

Holy Esque is a new alt-rock group hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. The quartet formed last year and after the successful reception to a few demos via Soundcloud, quickly began playing small gigs across the UK. They have opened for the likes of WU LYF, and are swiftly developing a sizable regional following. This week, the band released the first track from their debut, self-titled EP due to drop digitally on April 23. “Rose” is a terrific example of the strong textures and dense sound that the band is attempting to carve out and make their own. Drawing upon 90s alternative influences, Holy Esque is made accessible by the earnest delivery of its lead singer Pat Hynes. Hynes’ voice quivers as he sings, but not in a way that distracts or sounds like a mistake. Rather, Hynes appears wrought with emotion as if so enveloped by his song that his voice might break at any moment.

Holy Esque EP Track Listing

1. Ladybird Love

2. Rose

3. Loneliest Loneliness

4. Prophet of Privilege

Holy Esque is a band worth keeping your ears on. After the initial spin of their forthcoming EP, I can tell you that it will be worth the shitty exchange rate back to the states. Listen to “Rose” below.

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Photo courtesy of Natalie Whitehill

Written by Rob Peoni

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