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January 25, 2012

Fresh Track: Isaac Joel “If I Hear Music”

by @thoughtontracks

Isaac Joel, otherwise known as Isaac Karns of Cincinnati’s Pomegranates, dropped a 6 song EP on Monday entitled Back to the Bassics.  An aptly named record because Isaac recorded all six tracks using only a bass guitar, it’s an experimental mix of ambient tracks with a touch of folk and gospel.   “If I Hear Music”, the second track on the EP which stood out to me the most, features a repeating bass line throughout before Isaac brings his voice in softly.

If I am Singing

I’m Singing For You

If I am Loving

Help My Love Be True

What sets this track apart is that after the first verse is repeated twice, a gorgeous, almost spiritual, harmonization of vocals pierces through, inspiring an uplifting moment of zen that carries through the end of the song. “If I hear music” Indeed, if I hear music.

Written by Greg Dahman

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