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January 17, 2012

Band to Watch: Adventure Galley

by @thoughtontracks

Adventure Galley is a six piece synth-pop band out of Portland, Oregon.  Their sound is very much in the mold of Future Islands and The Killers with a dash of Cold Cave and P.C. (Pre-Congratulations) MGMT in which heavy synths build up danceable pop music.  What sticks out most about the band is an almost monotone vocal in each of their songs that somehow strangely still resonates as emotional.  Adventure Galley’s first hit track was the infectous pop jam “Addict” which was originally released in 2010 on the band’s first EP entitled The Right Place To Be.  A remastered version of the track will be included on an upcoming album scheduled to drop this year along with two new tracks, “Marooned” and “Weekend Lovers”, which were released for preview earlier this month.

Of the two, “Marooned” sticks out the most and speaks to the potential of the band.  While “Weekend Lovers” falls more in line with “Addict” in an upbeat, windows down pop music vane, “Marooned” brings a darker, more intriguing vibe to it.  Like 95% of pop music, it deals with a relationship that’s gone wrong and reminds me of a recent someone who fleetingly passed through my own life.  There is no feeling of wanting to reconcile, only a strong sense of betrayal and anger over something that’s beyond repair for unexplainable reasons.  As human beings, we tend to understand absolutes but live our own lives in the ambiguity of our emotions, clinging to past ideas and experiences of what we think we have and deserve.  Letting go is just too hard.  But when the end arrives and neither believes the face in the mirror to be at fault, someone ultimately has to supply closure, with the most pained usually being the person to do so.

Marooned on an island

In love with a bullet and a gun

She claims that the temperature has nothing to do with it

It’s not her fault

The bullet is mine

Please allow me

Careful what you wish for

Both tracks show a lot of promise and certainly make Adventure Galley a band to keep your eye on in 2012.  While no album release date has been scheduled, as of yet, you’ll have to live with the preview of these two new songs, which we have below.  Enjoy discovering and please, don’t forget to share.

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“Weekend Lovers”

Written by Greg Dahman

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