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December 20, 2011


Video: We Need Surgery “Time to Unwind”

by @thoughtontracks

We Need Surgery is a five-piece band that formed in Seoul, South Korea before recording the bulk of their forthcoming debut LP with Vancouver’s Light Organ Records. Their brand of danceable indie rock has a tinge of disco without any of the requisite cheese. Below is the unofficial video that friends of the band put together for their single “Time to Unwind” featuring skateboarder Dann Gaymer in the role of Tony the Tiger on acid. The globetrotters currently call Tokyo their home and are preparing to tour in promotion of their album which is due out in early spring.

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Written by Rob Peoni

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  1. Dec 25 2011

    thanks for the shout out Rob. Just for the record, this is not an official video, although we love it and Dann! But calling it ‘”the” video for’ implies that WNS or the label were involved in its production which we were not. Actually, we are shooting the first official video in Tokyo in two days! Feel free to share it when it’s out! – WNS

    • Dec 28 2011

      Updated! Thanks for keeping me honest Brandon. Looking forward to the album!

  2. Dec 28 2011

    can’t wait to see it when in does come out!

  3. Mar 24 2012

    What, oh ever WHAT, ever, ever ever ever ever EVER, happend, to, … the …


    • Mar 24 2012

      Not too sure. I’m still waiting for word from their manager. Haven’t talked to him in a while though

  4. Mar 24 2012

    What, oh ever WHAT, ever, ever ever ever ever EVER, happend, to, … the …


  5. Mar 24 2012

    Lemme see, a guy in a fag suit skateboarding.

    Way to go youse guys. Way to go.

  6. Mar 24 2012

    You guys look so damn COOL in that shot. Almost .. ALMOST, dare I say …

    Almost like you … actually …

    Dare I say it?


  7. Mar 24 2012

    Valentino, you promised to stay in touch and you never even gave me the time of day after you left. I wrote and wrote, you never responded. I guess it’s because you’re such a big goddamn motherfucking rock star now, you don’t have time for fucking friends anymore.

  8. Mar 24 2012

    I am the one who gave you the fucking pedal power and the fucking xotic effects. Or maybe sold them to you at a pittance. what difference does it fucking make. FUCK YOU.

    • Mar 24 2012

      Um…you know this isn’t their email account. They probably won’t see this. Haha, but whatever makes you feel better.

  9. Mar 24 2012

    In case you didn’t get it, Val, I was the guy with the National. Ring a fucking bell?

  10. Mar 24 2012

    They’ll get it one way or another. I am glad you are alive.


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