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November 11, 2011

This Time Last Year

by @thoughtontracks

So many bands come at us at an unbelievably fast pace, unorthodox fashion. Blogs, satellite radio, MP3s, friend’s recommendations making it almost impossible to keep up. Yes, this is a recurring theme that I continually talk about because of its absurdity. Some stick, others fade.  I want to start taking a peak back at what was jamming this time last year. I want to extend a special THANK YOU to the blog The Color Awesome for maintaining an existing ‘Sirius Download 15’ archive to make this post possible.

Sirius subscriber or not, music nuts like us NEED to start treating this weekly program like we do for Pitchfork rating terms.  The Download 15 comes on at noon, every Saturday and is hosted by my favorite radio personality Jake Fogelnest.  They use a great formula to determine the most buzzworthy songs of that week.  I believe their formula involves a mix of total downloads, blog posts, and requests.  It is a brilliant formula and concept.  It is like a weekly summary of all the real-time content Hype Machine provides us with on a daily basis.

Siriux XMU Download 15: November 13, 2010


1.  MATT & KIM – “Block After Block”

This is funny looking back at them being number 1 here.  It makes since though, their third album ‘Sidewalks’ was released on November 1, 2010.  I saw them earlier this year and yes Kim is banging.

 2.  DECEMBERISTS – “Down by the Water”

Still news.  On November 1 these guys released a 5 song EP ‘Long Live the King’.  I am sold on them.


 James Murphy said he was retiring right?

4.  SUFJAN STEVENS – “Too Much”

Signed to Indianapolis Record Label, Asthmatic Kitty.  It is nice to see a guy with a following as big as him with local ties.

5.  CEE LO GREEN – “FUCK YOU // (alt)”

 I have not heard this one have you?

 6.  SMITH WESTERNS – “Weekend”

 Dye It Blonde is the most explosive album of the year for me.  To me it is like the Green Bay Packers of last season.  Slowly gained confidence and credibility.  Ultimately, lifted the trophy as the best team in the league.  I can’t wait to see where I have this album in my top 10 for 2k11.

7.  TENNIS – “Take Me Somewhere”

Unbelievable timing for Tennis.  I heard their first single for their new album today on Sirius XMU.  Check out Origins.  I love Tennis


This song came on my shuffle while I was running in the cold today.  This is the absolute perfect song for this time of year.  This is one of my top 10 songs of the past 5 years.

9.  PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART – “Heart in Your Heartbreak”

The lead single off their 2011 release ‘Belong’.  I feel like these cats are extremely underrated.

10.  LYKKE LI – “Get Some”

The lead single from her 2011 release Wounded Rhymes.  She is my indie song seamstress.  She will be back in the Midwest this week when she plays Chicago this Monday at the Vic.

11.  DIAMOND RINGS – “All Yr Songs”

I have not heard much about Diamond Rings, but I love this song.  It was my favorite songs of 2010.  Although their album cover was extremely bizzare I dig this crew.

12.  DEERHUNTER – “Helicopter”

Deerhunter still rules, and Bradford Cox remains his relevant.  The indie musical mastermind just released his album Parallax earlier this week to astounding reviews.  It is a fantastic album and will be top 10 in most peoples lists.  Bradford also stopped by Sirius studios and co-hosted all week with Jenny Eliscu

13.  CLOUD NOTHINGS – “Understand it All”

Dylan Baldi is still pumping out new content.  I got the opportunity to see Cloud Nothings a couple of weeks ago at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City at Pianos. He got on stage and said “We are only playing our new songs”.  I found this awesome and the new songs were amazing and can’t wait for the next release from this Cleveland rocker.  Check out their new single No Future/No Past that just hit the scene.

14.  JESSICA LEE MAYFIELD – “Our Hearts Are Wrong”

Ms. Mayfield is still completely relevant on the buzz o’ sphere.  We covered her latest work Tell Me earlier this summer.  Check it out HERE.

15. WEEKEND – “Youth Haunts”

These guys are growing on me.  I did not really understand their first couple releases but I am beginning to see an identity with their latest work.

Written by Brett McGrath

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