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September 15, 2011


Album Review: Girls ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’

by @thoughtontracks

I have a mere 16 gigabytes on my iPhone – It is the bane of my day-to-day existence. Questions. Debates. Self-reflection. I constantly have to cut good albums from the roster to make room for new listening adventures. Deep down in my listening bowels I feel this to be necessary, however, the report tells me I need to SMACK myself in the face. Ticking time and money make it financially impossible for the upgrade that I deeply need. I eat it and fight it.

Exhibit A: Replace Bat for Lashes Two Suns with Miracle Fortress Was I The Wave?

My first inclination is to tell the cats from Miracle Fortress that they were not the wave. The wave is high, but their contribution is minimal.  I wish Miracle Fortress gave me something to consider.  My only salvation is to listen to their music and attempt to digest its importance. I try to search for wave accreditation and fail. The drone sounds and half-worked dance mixes cause me extreme pain.

Miracle Fortress’ redeeming qualities might peek behind the curtain, but they lack confidence. They remind me of the smart kid in class who was always afraid to raise his hand.  Potential might be a matter for debate but delivery is as reliable as a deadbeat dad’s monthly child support payment. Miracle Fortress is as conventional as a PB & J. The only problem is the Jiff ran out months ago.  At least I know that if I put Bat For Lashess back into the mix, I will have “Daniel” and I won’t feel like a poser. My lunch break is back and it is delicious.

Exhibit B:

When, Father, Son, Holy Ghost dropped, I had a certain inner excitement. After receiving an early copy of the record, I realized that both previous Girls releases, Album and Broken Dreams Club EP had withstood the test of time. They had remained on my iPhone since their initial purchase. I sincerely enjoy Girls. It may be their San Francisco roots, which I candidly admit I am a SUCKER for, but my enjoyment goes beyond that. From the beginning, they have been their own boss and propelled their own evolution.

Girls makes it happen from track to track. There are few bands right now in the indie hemisphere who have been able to progress their agenda with minimal scrutiny quite like Girls. Album opened the door to the band, but left me to wonder, “Are these guys serious?” Many of the songs from Album seemed as if the band were playing around. This lack of seriousness on certain tracks defines the band.

The best part about Girls is that they challenge our listening experience by making us accept them.  Do we really know them? Hardly, but we all trust in their vision. Their subtle projection for satisfaction tries to make us care.  It is this dedication that causes me to pay attention.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost rips out with single, “Honey Bunny” which bleeds the Girls true colors all over our living room floors.  Sad, simple, effective.

“I’ve been messing with so many girls who could give a damn who I am”

Uncertainty, and a lust for comfort make Girls relatable.  They might not be the band you play to your ex-girlfriend to rekindle ties, but they are the band you embrace to regain confidence.  That’s Girls out of the box, and that is why they are special.

Die” is a track that competes for my song of the year.  Howling guitars and soothsaying prophecies help breed confidence in any man that has been shut out from sharing the sheets. Plenty more thrillers help smooth over the rough spots. Girls has continued to prove staying power. It might not be with a significant other, but this is why we listen…right?

Written by Brett McGrath.

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